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-Landing Page Definition-

Would you like to be “just another marketer” who gets typical results? Or, do you want to raise yourself above the noise to get top producer results? I thought youd say that and strategic positioning is how you do it. So, what is a landing page definition? The entrance to your sales funnel is the landing page. This is where everything begins in getting a prospective customer started on the path to making a decision to purchase.

Since youre not a typical marketer, you dont send traffic directly to an affiliate company provided sales page. Seeing the sales page is actually the last part in an effective sales funnel.

-Strategic Positioning-

In Lead Capture Mastery you will discover how to use strategic positioning to create custom landing pages that increase the amount of opt-ins(leads) you get. This will grow your email marketing list and send more people through your sales funnel to the sales page prepared to buy.

So, how do you create great results marketing an affiliate product with so many other affiliates promoting the same thing? This poses a problem for any affiliate marketer using the affiliate company provided landing page. People all over the internet are seeing the same landing page. So, in order to stand out and get non-typical results, using a custom landing page is the only way to go.

Your landing page Strategic Positioning involves 3 main parts: Lead Magnet, Hook, and Call To Action. These are the elements that must be included on your landing page for it to be effective. Think of these as landing page best practices and follow this landing page definition for best results!

-Lead Magnet Definition-

A lead magnet is something of value you give away for free in exchange for your prospects contact info (email address, phone number, address, etc). This is how you build your email marketing list. Here are the key ingredients to an effective lead magnet.

The content must speak to your markets desired end result; their core desire. First map out the process your prospect must go through to get to their desired end result.

landing page definitionIdentifying these milestones will help you determine what info you should include in your lead magnet. The idea is to provide a solution to your prospects problems in a way that makes them want the product when its presented to them.

Basically, the lead magnet solves one problem for them or part of a problem helping them progress closer to their desired end result. A simple way to look at this is that the lead magnet gets them started on their path to getting the result they want and the product is what completes it. Using a lead magnet in this way is different from most marketers. Most marketers in general, if they use a lead magnet, are only using the lead to get opt-ins to build their email list. However, youre smarter than that because you wants results like the top producers. Using a lead magnet properly will preframe or prepare your prospect to purchase.

Before you can create an effective lead magnet, you must know what your market wants. This is when working in a niche market you are passionate about, are talented in, or have experience with really pays off. Youll already know what your market wants by working in your strengths. However, you may still need some help identifying the path your market needs to take in order to solve their problem and get their desired end result. Following this lead magnet definition will improve your lead capture results dramatically.

Here are some ideas to help you get that insight into your niche market.

1) Review surveys on your market. You can also do your own survey. For example, if you have a following on social media, you can put up a survey on your Facebook page or Google+ page.
2) Forums. Searching forums is easy. Simple type the name of your niche followed by the word forum into Google or whatever search engine you want.
3) Google Plus Groups and Facebook Groups are great ways to find out want your markets needs are and what theyre talking about.
4) Local Events/Workshops- Youll get to see what others in your niche are doing(topics they address) and what your market is asking about.
5) Look at your competitors websites to see what type of info they are giving out. This is a great way to know how you can be different and stand out.
6) Sign up for email from other sites in your niche to see how theyre talking to your market and what topics there addressing. Another great way to figure out how to be different. Last thing you want is to look and sound just like “another marketer.”

Ninja Tip   Intelligence Campaign – Use a paid ad on Facebook that targets your market. Ask them to complete a survey on their #1 challenge on the topic of their interest. Have them opt-in to complete the survey in exchange for lead magnet. The lead magnet should be valuable to them(know your markets needs). This allows you to build a list of subscribers that youll know exactly what they want. Simply, give them what they want and guide them to the product that best helps them achieve their desired end result.

When creating a lead magnet remember these tips:
Use a memorable name for the lead magnet.
Be specific on what youre talking about.
Identify the core steps your prospect needs to complete to attain their core desire.
Give away content solving one of those core steps
Direct them to the product that solves all of the core steps so they can get what they want.
Educate and simplify.
Create positive expectancy by helping them feel like they can do it.

Need a free landing page creator?
Check out Instapages free account. I use them and it is one of the easiest to use landing page creators out there. Plus, they have great templates for you to customize.


Remember, were still talking about the lead capture definition. So, lets take a close look at what youll write on the landing page. The “Hook” is a compelling title with a promise of what theyll get. Again, youre speaking directly to their desired end result(the benefit to them).

Example: “Free video shows the 3 most important steps to stop your dog from chewing up your house.”

In this example, you can see how the hook speaks directly to their desired outcome, is compelling, and tells them exactly what theyll get (free video shows them how). If my dog was chewing up my house I would definitely opt-in for that video!


It wont matter how awesome your lead magnet is or how compelling your Hook is if you dont tell the person what to do to get it. This sound basic, right. Well, it is. The call to action is used after youve built a case for why they need what youre offering them. This is best put after the hook and before the web form (which is where they enter their email).

Example: “Enter your email address in the form below for instant access to the free video.”

This example shows how to be specific in what youre telling them to do. It also tells them what they need to do to get the thing they want.

Check out an effective landing page example here.

-Optimization/Split Testing-

Most marketers are shooting in the dark when it comes to knowing how their marketing content is actually performing. For instance, if you get 2% of visitors to your landing page to opt in, does your entire landing page need to be redone? No. You could have a great hook and a bad call to action. This is where optimization takes place. As a great marketer you know that split testing helps you identify the weak spots in your marketing system. Take time to test different hooks, type of lead magnet, lead magnet names, and calls to action. Make sure to only change one of these elements at a time. That way you can isolate which element is affecting the result. This is how you can continually improve your results and get higher and higher opt-in rates.

Landing Page Definition Summary

The landing page is the entrance to your sales funnel and begins preparing your prospective customer to buy the product. Youre using a lead magnet that solves a problem of your target market. Your lead magnet transitions right into the product sales page which gives your prospective customer all they need to satisfy their desired outcome. Your awesome landing page uses a memorable lead magnet name, compelling hook, along with a clear and specific call to action.

Now its your turn to get out there and put this into action. The only thing stopping you from the success you want is applying what you learn. Thats what separates the winners from the losers. Take action and let me know how it goes creating your landing pages. You can do this, I believe in you!

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