How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

how to make money with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Step 2 Affiliate Marketing Business System

Theres nothing better when you can make money online and not have to do any selling. Well how do you build a business if you dont sell? Affiliate marketing is simply getting paid a commission when you refer customers to a product and they buy. Herein lies the secrets of how to make money with affiliate marketing!

Running an internet business is comprised mainly of 3 parts: Traffic, Marketing, Sales & Product Fulfillment. As an affiliate marketer you take advantage of the selling and product fulfillment processes already built by the company whos product youre promoting. Your job is to get people interested in the product and point them to where they can buy it.

You get special affiliate links to send people to. They have a special code that allows your referred sales to be tracked by the company whos product youre promoting. Unlike network marketing, you dont have to buy product every month to qualify for commissions. In fact, you usually dont even have to buy the product to promote it.

Selling is a transfer of feelings. Buy the product, use it, and if you feel good about it your prospects will feel that and selling will be so much easier!

Most people who get started in affiliate marketing believe it will be super easy to just put their link everywhere and theyll make money. In fact most affiliate marketers make little to no money at all. So why do I recommend affiliate marketing to beginners? Simple, all you need is the right instructions on how to plan and carry out proven internet business systems. Those who follow these principles are the highest paid in the industry. Its not complicated, you just need the right instructions. Thats my intention with this tutorial. Ive searched the internet to find business principles on how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners and you just cant find meaningful education.

What Im about to share with you will literally allow you to build a business that you can continue to grow every year and even promote many different products. You simply need to follow the successful internet marketers business model. Fortunately for you I learned this from my mentor who regularly earns $500,000 a month without breaking a sweat, so youre in good hands.

Your Super Effective Business Model

Theres a good reason why most internet marketers are failing. As you pay attention to the business model Im about to show you it will become clear how you will set yourself apart from that failing group.

First, most marketers dont take time to learn or plan before they start going but this wont happen to you. There are 3 key components to develop before you take off plastering your affiliate link everywhere. Ill summarize them here and then go into more detail further down.

1) Strategyhow to earn money online
It is super important to create your strategy and figure out how you are going to build your business. Also, what angle youll use for your marketing message.

marketing psychology2) Psychology
People do things for specific reasons. If you dont learn what people respond to and specifically about your potential customers, youll never earn any money.

3) Optimizationbusiness optimization
This is where you track your results and work on the parts and pieces that dont work so well. This alone can take you from nothing to a 6 figure income, if you do it in the right way. Optimization is used in all parts of your business so I will discuss it in more detail as we go into specifics in the following steps.

Sales Funnel

All 3 of these key components are included and used in every part of your business. So Ill explain how you use them in your sales funnel. A Sales funnel is a term used to describe the way your prospective customer first sees your marketing, engages with your marketing, and then moves on to buy the product. Most marketers fail to properly plan this out and this is where you really can set yourself apart to get amazing results. Which youll see as you keep reading.

A sales funnel consists of:

1) Landing Page

2) Preframe Page(This is what most marketers are missing that kills their sales)

3) Sales Page

Before you can create a sales funnel, youve got to determine your market and your product. Ill go into detail on selecting an offer/product to promote in the next step. For now I want you to start seeing this overview of how your business should look and operate.

Knowing who is in your market(your potential customer) is key to using Strategy and Psychology. If you dont know what your market really wants and how they do things, then you cant match your message to them.

Landing Page

That brings us to something called, “Message to Market Match.” When you stop and think about the type of person that matches the product youre promoting, determine their core desire. This is the thing they want most. If you think about what it is they really want, usually this is a problem they need to solve, you can match your marketing message to that desire. This is where the magic begins.

Think about it. If you had a puppy that was chewing up your house, what would you be thinking about all the time? Exactly, “How can I get this puppy to stop chewing up my house.” When you go search online and see an ad that says, “Is your puppy chewing up your house? Click here to see 3 simple steps to train your dog.” Do you think this is a good message to market match? Do you see that when your marketing matches what your marketplace really desires then you wont be able to stop them from engaging your marketing content and buying the product. This is what the most successful companies are doing and what individual marketers fail to learn.

The company with the affiliate program may provide a landing page for you. When a person enters theirbusiness-model-infograph email address to opt in to this landing page their email address is typically put on the companys email list and not your list. To have a long term sustainable business, youve got to build an email marketing list. So, if the company does not provide a way for you to build your email list, use your own custom landing pages. Ill show you an easy way to do that later on.

So, a landing page is where you send people to enter your sales funnel. This is where you collect their email address in return for giving them info that helps solve their problem. The landing page is where the message has to match the markets core desire. After they opt in by submitting their email address theyll see the preframe page.

Preframe Page

So a preframe page is critical to getting sales. You have people opt in to get a “Lead Magnet.” This is the thing youre saying they can get, like learning how to stop your dog from chewing stuff. A lead magnet can be a video, PDF report, a series of training emails, etc. You design the lead magnet to preframe their minds for the purchase. Plus this is what lets down your prospects guard because youre not selling them, youre giving them a solution to their problem. As you progress through this tutorial, youll get more explanation on each of these parts of the process so be patient and stick with it. Always remember, never give up because you can do this. Its not rocket science however, there is work to be done. When you do it in the right way success is yours for the taking!

Sales Page

In Affiliate Marketing, the company whos product youre promoting usually provides a sales page. This typically has a sales video or some type of persuasive info about the product with a button for them to buy. This is nice because the selling happens at this point. Sales increase when using a preframe page. The typical marketer doesnt use anything to preframe the customer. Whether they are using a capture page or not, the visitor goes directly to the sales page. This is what hurts their sales and why so many affiliate marketers make little to no money.

This brings us to the 3 key areas of focus for your new internet business:

1) Traffic

2) Lead Capture

3) Conversion


Most marketers struggle with getting the right traffic. Traffic is simply getting people to see your marketing message. In other words, website visitors. There are two main forms of getting traffic, Content Marketing and Paid Marketing straight to your sales funnel.

With content marketing you warm up your prospects with information that peaks their interest, gets them solutions they need, and shows them how to find more of what theyre looking for, aka, the product youre promoting.

Paid marketing is stuff like the ads you are used to seeing on the internet. When someone clicks your ad they are taken directly to your landing page. Ill go over getting traffic in the last step because youve really got to get your business foundation created first before you can send people to your marketing content.

The part that gives marketers problems is traffic that really is not a fit for their product. You can get traffic in all kinds of ways so getting “targeted traffic” is the key. Knowing where to get that traffic will make or break your business. Dont worry, Ill show you that too and youre gonna love it!

Lead Capture

Maybe youve heard somewhere that building an email marketing list can make you more money. Truth be told, not many marketers make money with their list because they dont understand conversions. Well, the capture process is the entrance to your sales funnel. Im sure youve opted in to a page to get info before so you understand how that works. You give your email address in return for info youre looking for. This is where psychology really comes in to play. No one will opt in unless the thing being offered is what theyve been searching for and its clear the benefit theyll get for typing in their email address. Also, the message on your capture page has to speak directly to your prospects core desire. When you match up these elements on your capture page(aka landing page) the opt in rates can sky rocket.

Sales Conversion

This is where you make your money and the prospective customer buys the affiliate product. Sales conversions are divided up in to 2 categories: Front End and Back End.

Front end sales are when a person buys the product after they have opted in. Back end sales are when the person opted in but did not buy. Through your communication process with them through email marketing they decide to buy. This is why the Capture element is so important. There will always be a percentage of website visitors who do not immediately resonate with your marketing message even if the product is what theyre looking for. By continuing to offer good info and solutions to them through email marketing more people will decide to buy. Your business will have long term growth when you understand and apply these principles. Ill go into detail on sales conversions in a later step.


Your business model determines your level of success as you apply strategy, psychology, and optimization. As you direct traffic to your sales funnel, the message on the landing page will match your prospects core desire, the preframe page will help them begin to solve their problem and prepare them to buy on the sales page. Your email marketing will drive additional sales through providing solutions to those on your email list. This is how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners just like the most successful marketers on the internet!

Dont follow the crowd that suffers and fails. Follow what the top internet marketers are doing. This will separate you from the pack and allow you to realize your dreams. You already have what it takes to be a success. All you need is the right information and it will unlock the flood gates of success for you!

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