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Step 6 Getting Targeted Website Traffic

Up till now Ive been showing you how to get your affiliate marketing business set up the right way. Now that youve gotten the right business foundation, its time to open up the flood gates and learn how to get website traffic!


First off I want to give you some warnings. You need to watch out for some things when you buy website traffic. There are many traffic resellers out there who will sell you clicks. A click is basically sending a person to see your landing page. The big problem is that these traffic sellers can be sending fake clicks. You may be surprised to discover that there are computer programs that can generate a fake click. Im not saying all traffic sellers are doing this, but too many of them are so its super important you know about it.

Some of these traffic sellers are also lead stuffing. Lead stuffing is using a computer program to automatically fill out the web form on your landing page with a fake email address. I have first hand experience with these types of deceitful business practices when buying traffic and I dont want you to get burned. With that being said there are plenty of other ways to get quality targeted traffic to your landing page. Ill focus on one effective method that is relatively simple and can be very low cost. Learning how to get website traffic is not as complicated as most people think.

-Message to Market Match-

Before I get into this traffic method you need to know about getting targeted traffic. You can get website traffic many different ways. Where your traffic is coming from and what they see before they get to your landing page are extremely important factors. For example, when buying from a traffic seller, you dont know exactly where the clicks are coming from or what marketing message that person sees before they get to your landing page. This can cause a message to market mismatch. They may see a marketing message that is not related to what is on your landing page. So, when they get to your landing page, its not what they expected and they go away. The person coming to your marketing messagewebsite or landing page must know exactly what they will see before they get there. This way when they click the link it is because they want exactly what you are offering. Keeping control over what people see before they get to your landing page or website is critical to achieving great optin rates and front end sales conversion rates.

-Banner Advertising (Media Buying)-

When youre looking at how to get website traffic, banner advertising is a great way to get targeted website traffic. Basically, youre buying space on a website to display your banner ad. Youve seen banner ads all over the web. Some are very compelling and make you want to click. Other banner ads are, well, not very good and you feel like running away. Ill give you some tips for an effective banner ad and then go into how to find the websites to place your banner ad.

Effective Banner Ad Tips:

  1. You are only trying to get them to click, not to buy.
  2. Keep it simple and avoid animation.(or limit the animation to an arrow or button that blinks every few seconds. Some ad networks limit the amount of animation on banner ads.)
  3. Use compelling text that speaks to the benefits your market wants. (Remember, just try to get them to click.
  4. Outsource your banner ad creation if you are not a designer. (Visit or and search “banner design.” Make sure to sort the search results by rating.)
  5. Split test your banner ad designs with different background images and different compelling phrases (Revisit step 4 on the “hook”). Remove the loser ads and keep the winners.


-Buying Banner Ad Space-

There are 3 main ways to buy banner ad space.
1) Direct Buy
2) Intermediate Buy – Small networks.
3) Large Network Buy

Think of it this way, direct buy has the least liability for losing money and network buy has the most liability for losing money. This is not to scare you into thinking you cant do this, its only to tell you how you should start as a beginner.

You must approach paid advertising with the idea that you will start small then scale big as your profits and experience increase. That means to start with something like $50 then work your way up as you get better.

With so many options to choose from for buying banner ad space Im only going to focus on one. Why get overwhelmed when you dont need to. A great place to start buying banner ads is with With this service you can select which websites (just one or many sites) in their network you want your ad to display on. You can select from different ad placements on their webpage based on number of impressions per month. An impression is simply when the ad is visible on a website visitors screen. This also allows you to select the least expensive placement option to start so your ad costs stay low. The ad usually runs for 30 days and you are paying on a cost per 1000 impressions basis or CPM. The price displayed will either be for the amount you pay as CPM or the price for the number of impressions you want for the entire 30 day period your ad will run.

The key to getting targeted traffic with banner advertising is selecting a website from the list that is most likely to have visitors interested in what youre promoting. Remember, what Ive just explained is for specifically. Check out my advanced banner ad training video for a deeper dive to get more results. However, there are many places to buy banner ad space(also called media buying) and the principles Im sharing here will also apply anywhere you are advertising with banners.


As a savvy internet marketer youll use strategy in your banner advertising with ads that speak to the core desire of your target market, focus on a banner design to get a click, outsource banner ad creation when needed, start small with your advertising budget, split test your banners, remove the losers and keep the winners.

-For Dedicated Marketers Only-

I dont just want for you to have some success with affiliate marketing. This internet business tutorial is designed to get you non-typical results reserved only for Super Affiliates. Super Affiliates are the highest paid affiliate marketers. How fast you become a Super Affiliate is up to you. I just want you to have as much of the resources you need to get there.

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