What is the best way to make money online?

what is the best way to make money online

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Step 1 Understanding Your Options

How many times have you tried something online to make money and got burned? Well if youre like me youve probably tried all kinds of things. First off, there is too much nonsense floating around the internet on how to make money. Ill cover some of that so you can avoid it. Second, like me, you probably tried something but lacked the knowledge or experience needed to make it a success so you quit. Follow this training, dont give up, and you will make it!

As you read to the end of this article youll discover your answer to, What is the best way to make money online? Youll also see some ways to make money online you should avoid and also discover what really is the easiest way to create a real online business with real long-term income.

You see, success comes as you learn the right things and do them in the right way.

So, what is the best way to make money online you ask?

-Well go over these 5 methods-
1) Affiliate Marketing
2) Selling Your Own Products
3) Network Marketing
4) Paid Surveys
5) Odd Jobs


1) Affiliate MarketingWhat is the best way to make money online

Pros – No money to start, no product to create, store, or ship, no payment processing, some high commissions.

Cons – Get paid at intervals(sometimes only once a month), hard to find a good product to promote, a lot of low commissions out there, you need to learn something in order to make any money at it. 😉

Affiliate marketing is one of those terms that has been tossed around so much most people dont know what to think about it. Depending on which website you read youll hear everything from its a scam to make a million dollars with it.

So whats the truth. Simple, people who approach affiliate marketing like a business and learn internet marketing skills, win. Those who dont, make almost no money at all. Ive been on both sides of that fence. Which would you rather be on? Ya!

Ill get more into this topic in the next step because its just so great for beginners. For now lets continue so you can get a birds eye view of the make money online spectrum.


sell your own product2) Sell Your Own Product

Pros Huge potential to make large amounts of money, you dont split profits or get a commission, you get paid as soon as a product is bought.

Cons – Need capital to start, time consuming to create and test products, must have payment processing (including handling refunds), you actually have to create a useful product that people will want(research and development), product fulfillment.

Selling your own product is a true business model. You obviously need to have experience in a certain niche to create a meaningful product. I say meaningful because there is all kinds of hype about selling kindle ebooks and mobile apps. Really what gets created for those systems is a lot of junk that people dont want so you dont make money anyway. Obviously if your a great writer or good at designing cool apps then its all good. In all the make money online lists out there I dont see this method talked about enough. Seriously if you have the desire, time, and funds, selling your product can be very rewarding.


3) Network Marketing

Pros – similar to Affiliate marketing for product fulfillment, residual income, potential for large income.

Cons – usually small commissions on product sales, must learn to build teams to make real money, usually have to buy product every month (better love what youre selling).network marketing top earners

Network Marketing has made many people a lot of money. This too has been the topic of much debate of whether its a scam or not. Actually some network marketing companies are only started so the owners can make tons of money then the company folds after a couple years. Then there are great companies with useful products and good compensation plans. Most of these companies teach their reps how to build their business like it was the stone age and a few are actually teaching current marketing strategies. It can take time to find a good company that you can stand behind. Its not just the product youll need to like, you also have to resonate with the company leadership or building your business will be very difficult.

For you to be successful at any business endeavor youve got to be able to stand behind the product AND the company 100%. People can tell if you arent 100% committed to it and if youre not then its a very hard sell. This is probably the single biggest reason people fail in the marketing industry.


paid surveys4) Paid Surveys

Pros – Extremely easy to do.

Cons – Small pay, you dont always get as many as youd like.

There are tons of hyped up claims about making a lot of money with paid surveys. The truth is that you can make money, youre just not going to make very much. Maybe if youre looking for an extra $20-$100 a month then paid surveys are fine. I tried this too. You can sign up with several survey companies however, some surveys you have to qualify for and sometimes there are just not enough surveys available for you. The pay is usually less than $10 for a survey. I believe you are worth way more than that. Dont you?!


5) Odd Jobsbroke-monopoly-man

Pros – Easy to find.

Cons – hard to make any real money.

Maybe youve seen things like Amazons mTurk, incentivized offers, watching videos for pay, and push button systems. Stay away. Its just not worth your time because the pay is terrible and push button systems only make the system creator money. This is where the scams live and you deserve better.


So, what is the best way to make money online? Thats really up to you, however, its been proven that, for beginners, the best way to make money online is with Affiliate Marketing. You just cant beat the little to no start up cost, high earning potential, and long term aspect. In the next step Ill share with you an innovative way to make money with affiliate marketing that will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

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