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Step 5 Email Marketing & Back-end Sales

What happens to all the rest of the people who dont purchase after opting in? Here are the benefits of email marketing. As a smart affiliate marketer you know that most of your sales will come from email marketing (called back-end sales).

Too many affiliate marketers get caught up in running traffic to get front-end sales without a system to increase their sales from the back end. Ill show you how setting up email marketing software called an autoresponder that will allow you to get more sales. An autoresponder service captures the email address from the landing page, puts it into a list, and makes it easy to send one email to lots of people at one time.

So, lets talk about email marketing. Theres a lot of talk about how email marketing is dead. The funny thing is that the people saying that dont know how to do it correctly. They typically slam their list with offer after offer and wonder why no one is opening their emails. Industry averages vary for email open rates but are typically between 3-10%. So, you can see why people are saying email marketing doesnt work. If they would stop and take a step back to think about why people open email in the first place they would see how to get higher email open rates.

Because you know what your target market wants, youre going to email them info that they can actually use and benefit from. The reason so many marketers emails are not being opened is because they are not providing any real value to their subscriber. Why would you open an email that you perceive as not being of any worth to you? Simple, you dont.

The basic thing to remember is that you only email info that your target market finds appealing and useful. Remember what their desired end result is and continue to send info targeted at that.

Email Marketing Best Practices:

1) Dont email every day. People get too much email as it is.
2) Only email info your subscribers will perceive as valuable to them.
3) Write your emails like you are speaking to one person.
4) Be personable.
5) Use subject lines that capture attention and are not spammy.

Bottom line is that your subscribers will be able to tell if you are emailing because you care about them or if youre just trying to make a sale. So, be genuine in your interest to serve your target market and your email open rates will be much higher than typical.

Remember, you dont have to always send the perfect email. You cant possibly be great at email marketing as a beginner. However, as you take consistent action by serving your email subscribers, youll get very good at it. Affiliate marketers who get good at email marketing are actually the highest paid in the industry.

-Email Marketing Software-email marketing software

There are about a zillion email marketing software services out there. Im only going to talk about one. MailChimp is a reputable service that has been around a number of years. They offer a free account that is actually very good. MailChimp provides some added benefits that most email marketing services dont. Most of these things are technical so I wont get into it. However, all of it is designed to get more of your emails into your subscribers inbox and not in their spam folder. Yes, there is a difference between email marketing software for their ability to get more emails into the inbox.

The reason I bring up MailChimp is that the free account allows you to have a maximum list size of 2000 subscribers and you can send up to 12,000 emails per month. If you had a list of 2000 then you could send 6 emails per month to everyone on your list. Thats plenty. However, when you get a list size of 2000 youll definitely be making money to pay for the higher up packages when you need them, as long as you are following what Im teaching here. Remember, I got my education from my mentor who earns over $500,000 every month with internet marketing.

-Effective Email Autoresponder Follow Up-

Top affiliate marketers use premade email autoresponder follow up messages to increase sales conversions. Autoresponders are emails that you create ahead of time and set up to be delivered automatically to everyone who opts in to your email list. If you are sending a series of 5 follow up emails then the email marketing service will keep track of which subscriber gets which email. Helps to save you time and increases your effectiveness.

Here is an example of an effective email autoresponder series. Keep in mind that each person entering your email list will have seen your lead magnet and the affiliate product sales page. So, if they did not buy this usually means they need more info before they will make the decision to buy. Of course some people will never buy but were not concerned about those people. The purpose for these follow up email messages is to provide additional preframing for the product. Each message builds up to recommending the product again but in a different way. Each emails content should build your authority. Simply offering solutions to your subscriber that work will build your authority. Most people wont do what you recommend until they believe you know what youre talking about and they can trust you. Buy following this outline your subscribers will get to know and trust you. That brings down their defensive wall and allows more people to buy from you.


success is in the follow up-Top Producer Email Autoresponder Follow Up Outline-

  • Email #1
    The first autoresponder email should thank them for requesting the info and remind them of some important benefit from the lead magnet that they may have overlooked. Also provide a link back to the lead magnet in case they didnt get to see the lead magnet for some strange reason.
  • Email #2 (3 days later)
    Second autoresponder email should be more content on solving a problem for your subscriber. Reference step 4 to refresh yourself on finding out what your market needs. There should be no pitch to buy a product, only something that purely benefits them.
  • Email #3 (3-5 days later)
    Third autoresponder email will also be content.
  • Email #4 (3-5 days later)
    Fourth autoresponder email will also be content.
  • Email #5 (3-5 days later)
    Fifth autoresponder email will have content that transitions into a soft pitch for the product.


If you send email after email telling your subscribers to buy something, they will immediately mark you as spam. That is the worst thing in the world for email marketing. When a subscriber marks your email as spam it will start to hurt your email deliverability rate. It basically means less of your emails you send will be delivered into your subscribers inboxes. You cant win with email marketing if your emails are labeled as spam by the email service providers. Thats another technical aspect of email marketing I wont get into here. However, just remember that you dont have to worry about your email messages to your subscribers being marked as spam if you follow these recommendations and send mostly content email that helps your subscribers.

So this example is something you set up for right after someone is added to your email list. A more advanced method is to set up your autoresonder service to automatically move your subscriber to another list after they finish this email series. Them they will be in your list that you only send out occasional emails to.


Email marketing software, including MailChimp, give you lots of stats regarding your emails. Use this feature to test different email subject lines, or calls to action within the email. You can send two emails with the same text but with two different subject lines. This way you can learn much faster what types of subject lines get higher email open rates. Most affiliate marketers who struggle with email marketing do not split test subject lines, email content, or their calls to action in the email. I know as you apply this it will allow you to become a top affiliate marketer.


The benefits of email marketing are building trust from your subscribers and generating back-end sales. Back-end sales begin with a premade autoresponder follow up email series. These emails provide content that help your subscriber and prepares them to buy when the product is introduced to them again. This also builds your authority in their eyes and helps them begin to trust you as they see you genuinely care about them. Follow what the top affiliate marketers do and you will win!

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