Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners

affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Affiliate Marketing Tutorial

Step 3 Selecting An Affiliate Product To Promote

A very successful marketer was once asked, “If you could pick just one advantage over your competition, what would it be?” His answer was, “A starving crowd!”

In this step you'll learn how to find affiliate marketing programs for beginners so you can select the right niche and product for maximum success.

-Selecting A Niche Market-

You cant build a business without something to sell. The first part is selecting the “niche” you're going to focus on. A niche is simply a category like mountain bikes, woman's fashion, dog training, equine dental, and so on.

The best place to start is with your passions. Its much easier to market a product you are passionate selecting affiliate productabout because that comes through your marketing to the prospective customer. Plus, working in a niche you are passionate about will help you maintain motivation when times are tough. Believe me, no matter who you are, when you get starting in any business you will go through some struggle. If you're working in a niche or promoting a product you really don't care about, its super easy to quit.

Another great way to pick a niche is to work in your strengths. What are your current talents and marketing with your talentsabilities? Wouldn't it be awesome to promote products that fall within your talents. Again, this is setting yourself up for success. Too many people get started in affiliate marketing with the idea of making money without knowing these simple truths. This is a big reason why so many marketers are failing.

Another way to set yourself up for success is to work in a niche you already have experience with. For Experience internet marketinginstance, if you've sold houses as a real estate agent, perhaps promoting real estate investment training products would be a great fit. I think you get what I'm saying here.

So, after you've thought about your passions, talents, and strengths to select a niche, you've got to find out if there is much of a demand in that niche. In other words, if there aren't many people looking for those types of products, you wont make much money no matter how much you're passionate about it.

Your focus market must be large enough to make money with. There is an easy way to figure this out. Simply go to Google Adwords “Keyword Planner.” You'll need a Google Adwords account, which is free by the way.

Go to “Tools” then “Keyword Planner” then under “Find New Keywords” select “Search for new keywords” Proceed to type in the category or product type you're interested in and click search.

You'll then see how many times that phrase was searched on average each month. If the average search volume is at least a few thousand then there should be enough demand that you can make money in that niche.

Just below the keyword phrase you searched is a list of related or similar keyword phrases. You can see other things that people search for in that niche. This should give you a good idea as to what people are looking for and how many people are interested in it. As you follow this affiliate marketing tutorial for beginners, you'll be setting yourself up for success!

-Finding The Product To Promote-

There a a few different ways to find affiliate products to promote. However, before I jump into that I to make sure you know a few important details about the product you'll promote. First, you're in business to earn an income. No matter how much you love a product if the commission is small then your business will suffer. There are so many affiliate programs out there that pay small commissions. Its in your best interest to look into multiple affiliate programs before selecting the product or products you will promote.

A good rule to stick by is an affiliate program that pays at least 30% commission. Obviously, the higher the commission paid to you, the fewer sales you'll need to make in order to create a good income.

higher affiliate marketing commissions

Another great aspect to look for in an affiliate program is the opportunity for residual commission. This is usually on products where the customer pays a monthly subscription fee. However, not all monthly subscription products pay commission on each monthly rebill of the customer. Some of these subscription products may only offer a one time commission. So a great combination to look for is a product with a high commission and has a monthly subscription. This creates a residual income stream for you. Its great to get paid every month on the work you did one time. The most successful entrepreneurs in the world follow that approach.

-How To Find Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners-

There are two basic methods of joining an affiliate program to promote a product, Affiliate Networks and Direct Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate networks are great because they offer you the ability to promote many different products from a variety of niche markets. Networks operate on the basis of companies partnering with the affiliate network to gather affiliate marketers to promote their products. It makes it easier for the company to outsource the management of their affiliate program. So, when you promote a product through an affiliate network, you get paid by the network and not directly from the company who's product you're promoting. Pay is usually in the form of paper check or direct deposit and typically is paid to you one or two times a month.

There are different types of affiliate offers you can promote, CPS or CPA.

  • Cost Per Sale(CPS) is the most common. With this type you, as the affiliate marketer, are paid based on referring a sale of the product.
  • Cost Per Action(CPA) is getting paid for a user to take a specific action on a company's website other than buying a product. This can be to take a survey or enter their email to sign up for something.

The main difference between these two is that CPS offers pay a higher commission and CPA pays a lower commission. However, this does not mean that CPS is better than CPA. There are affiliate marketers who earn tens of thousands of dollars per month promoting CPA offers. Generally, its easier to get someone to take an action like entering their email than getting them all the way to purchasing. You also approach these two types of affiliate offers differently with your marketing. The following are some of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners.

-10 Popular Affiliate Marketing Networks-

  1. ClickBank
  2. CJ Affiliate Formerly Commission Junction
  3. ShareASale
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. ClixGalore Australia Based
  6. Clickbooth
  7. MaxBounty
  8. Rakuten Affiliate Network Global
  9. Zanox Europe
  10. Click2Sell Europe

Direct Affiliate Programs are offered directly by the company selling the product. This way you sign up for their affiliate program directly with them and get paid directly from them. There is no real downside to this type of program. In fact, some really great products are only offered directly from their own company affiliate program. Some examples are landing page creator services, web hosting services, and email marketing services to name just a few.

Ninja Tip    You can determine if an affiliate product/offer is worth marketing based on the popularity of that offer. Typically most people will be marketing a product if it actually converts into sales. So the number of marketers promoting a product/offer is one way to determine if you should too.


Now its up to you to do your homework. Start with a list of your passions, talents, and experiences to select a niche market to work in. Then, research the demand for that niche with Googles Keyword Planner. Finally, select a product or offer to promote by researching affiliate networks and company's direct affiliate programs. I know you can do this! Simply because you have the desire means the power inside you to succeed at this is seeking expression. Id love to hear what niche or product you select to promote. Here's to your success! Now, continue on to Step 4 to learn stealthy ways to capture more leads and get more sales! You don't want to miss it.

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