Advanced Email Marketing Insights With GetResponse

advanced email marketing

So I got to thinking, What could I tell you that would make an impact in your business right now? I realized that most marketers dont understand very much about email marketing so I wanted to give you some special insights. No matter what type of business youre building, what Im about to share with you about email marketing can literally make all the difference for you.

What Youll Learn In This Video:

  1. Advanced insights into the technical side of email marketing so youll understand why email is sent to the spam folder and how to create the best chances to get your email into the inbox.
  2. How to engineer high open rates of over 40%! (Continuity of user experience is key here and Ill explain how to do it.)
  3. How GetResponse autoresponder service works so you can get the most emails delivered to inboxes instead of your email going to spam/junk folders.



Video Summary:

  1. The subject line focus is only to get the recipient to open.
  2. The email body should be focused on getting the person to click(take the action you desire)
  3. Email content should be useful and specifically designed to help your subscriber get a result they want.
  4. Continuity of user experience will increase your open rates especially with the first email in your autoresponder series.
  5. Send valuable info to your subscribers so youre less likely to get marked as spam. This way you can keep from getting moved to the email servers for spammers.

I believe with a little revising, what youre currently doing can give you the results youre looking for. Believe in yourself, never give up, and keep learning. I committed to that pattern, its worked for me and I know it will work for you!

As I mentioned in the video, you can check out GetResponse here and get Project Breakthrough info here if youre interested.


P.S. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you learned that youre going to apply to your business.