Inspiring Marketers was created with one purpose in mind, to help struggling marketers. I got started in internet marketing back in 2007. I purchased a training program that was paramount in helping me achieve success. I got started in affiliate marketing and also sold my own product. I primarily focused on YouTube video marketing and Search Engine Optimization and I even did article marketing. I actually had success at it too. Since then Ive had experience in Social Media marketing, blogging, banner advertising, solo ads, and PPC.

From those early days to now Ive seen a lot of junk floating around the internet on how to make money. The problem is that too many people are struggling and desperate with dishonest peddlers pushing their ineffective training programs on them. This is why people are not getting results. Thats because the blind are leading the blind. Most so called trainers have never had success. They are simply repeating what they heard from someone else.

Not here. I share what Ive done that works and what I know will help you achieve the success you really deserve. I was fortunate enough to get a mentor who actually experienced success as a multi-millionaire and he taught me very valuable lessons. I am forever grateful and my desire is to pass on to you all that I can.

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With a wife and three small boys, my family is super important to me. I think about others who are struggling to make enough money to survive and how hard it must be on their families. That is why I created this site and that is why I wont quit trying to help as many people as I can.

One thing I know for sure is when you have consistent action fueled by desire and faith coupled with the right education, you can achieve anything! Im always available for your questions or comments. Thanks for stopping by and make it a great day!


Mike Pollak